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Latest (24 April 2003): At last, the Links page has been updated to the new look, new links added and dead links removed.

Recent (16 Mar 2003): Updates and corrections across the site, including the Comic Relief page and Number One Facts And Feats. Plus The List updated with all the recent number one hits.

Recent (18 Dec 2002): Vicky Williams contributes a points-based analysis of the Top 100 Chart Acts of the last 50 years. Cilla Black vs The Jam... it's a close-run thing.


Lists, lists and more lists...
Northern Songs: The Beatles Hits 1962-2002
What connects Ella Fitzgerald, Steve Harley and Bananarama? They've all had hits with Beatles covers, that's what. You'll find them, and nearly a hundred other Fab Four-penned smashes, right here.

Football Hits 1970-2002
The UK charts go football crazy! All the clubs, players, tributes and tournament tie-ins ever to appear in the Top 75. They don't only sing when they're winning, you know.
Comic Relief singles 1986-2001
Drink, plastic surgery or just a non-biodegradable novelty item - red noses never go out of fashion. Thanks to Richard Curtis, they make lots of money for charity too...
TV Hits 1980-2000
From TISWAS to Big Brother, nearly twenty-one years of Top 40 hit TV themes, spin-offs and cash-ins. You didn't really buy the Su Pollard single did you? Shame on you...
To The Top! Number One Hit Trivia
The List
50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s)
Incorporating the NME charts of the 1960s, and unpublished christmas charts, the most utterly splendid list of number one hits... ever!
Number One Facts And Feats
More facts than you could reasonably shake an average-sized stick at. Unless you had some sort of advanced qualification in stick-shaking, I suppose. I'm talking MA level here.
Instrumental Number Ones
"Words don't come easy to me" sang FR David. He thought he had problems?! Theo Morgan-Gan reveals the stories behind the hits you won't hear down your local karaoke bar..
All Time Greats
50 Years Of the UK Singles Chart: Top 100 Acts
By applying a points system to the first 50 years of the charts, Vicky Williams has come up with the definitive listing of the most successful chart acts of the last half-century. And yes, Steps are in.
The UK's 100 All-Time Bestsellers
No Madonna, no Bowie, no Prince, no Sinatra, no Abba, no Stones, no U2... so just what IS in the top 100? The full list plus top ten commentary by Theo Morgan-Gan.
Pick Of The Pops
Chart Links
Your next chart fix is just a click away...
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