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All at the Dotmusic chart forum, especially Paul Gilbert, Jonathan Green, Neil Morgenstern, Christian Pierre and Vicky Williams - any of whom really ought to be doing this instead of me.

Also thanks to John Rawlings and Neil Hancock (, Dean Jackson (, Phil Hart (Charts Worldwide) and Nick Whitelegg (, none of whom I have had many (or, for the most part, any) dealings with but whose websites have been very useful in my research. Happy christmas to you all. Especially if you're reading this in July.


And not forgetting...

...the many, many chartologists, discographers, biographers and radiographers whose books, articles and X-Ray photographs have caused the collapse of more than one shelf in and around my home over the years, especially Fred Dellar, Pete Frame, Paul Gambaccini, Charlie Gillet, Alan Jones, John Kutner, Barry Lazell, Dave McAleer, Stephen Nugent, Mike Read, Daffyd Rees, Jo Rice, Tim Rice, Clive Solomon, Martin C Strong, Phil Swern, John Tobler, Neil Warwick and Joel Whitburn.

May their names continue to pad out website credit lists for years to come.

And incidentally, I recommend Record Collector magazine, it's great.


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